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Architectural psychologist, Sally Fretwell, will lead you down the path to make the ordinary extraordinary.  She will encourage you to explore the idea to make your living space your own. She gives you ideas and tools to discover what you are looking for and to know when you find it. Using both personal and professional experience, Sally will give you the benefit of her 35 years of successful design consulting for color, space, and furnishings. Sally can offer simple examples of how to define your home, office, or business with the use of lighting, color and design.  She helps you understand that having the home of your dreams is not about being wealthy, but having a wealth of vision, creativity, and intuition. Sally as an Interior Decorator, can show you how to make your home or business a place that rejuvenates, recharges, and lifts your spirits. Sally has consulted both Nationally and Internationally for over 38 years. She has authored 7 books with one “on the way”. She has designed her own paint lines with her own special formulas and has developed over 440 paint colors for individual clients as well as for one of the largest paint companies in the world. Take a moment and click on any of the pictures below to find out more about Sally’s expertise.


Color and Decor

Color and Decor


National and International Consultant

  • 35 years experience

  • Owned her own paint stores

  • Over 350 colors developed for clients

  • Consults via FaceTime and Skype

  • Written 4 professional books on Color and Space

  • Consulting for changes in possible new home sales

  • 3 years on Amazon’s Best Seller List

  • CEU and advanced classes for Interior designers

  • Lectures for Architectural  groups

  • Lectures on work space habitability

  • Hospital and waiting room consultations

  • Computer Design for Cabinets and changes in space

  • Lecturer for Doctors and Nursing groups

  • Children’s spaces in the home and waiting rooms

  • Consults on home purchases

  • Consults on Buy/Sell issues

  • Real Estate Staging for selling difficult properties

  • First to use “NOVOC Paints over 23 years ago

  • Developed nearly 50 paints for Coastal areas

  • Consulted from Florida to New England on color and space

  • Personnel shopping for all accessories, furniture, decor

  • Save with my discounts.. only pay for the time not the decore!


Find Your Views

Sally can help you not only with color but with design and decor as well.  You pay by the hour for her services and nothing else.  If you request her to shop for you then you get the receipts and pay for her time.  Plus you also get her discounts and that can be huge on paints!

paint color and decor

“We could not be happier with the color combinations, decor and the tremendous effort you put in to help us open on time.  Tremendous!”

Dr. Douglas F., Baltimore, MD

“Sally was everything we were looking for.  She quickly analyzed our style and found great colors for our house in a very short amount of time.”

John A., Tampa, FL

3 Years On Amazon's Best Seller list

5 books on Color and Decor and 2 Children's Books with tons of actual wildlife pictures.

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