The Right Cabinets Can Make All Of The Difference In A Kitchen

Excellent cabinets do not have to be expensive.  Many people believe that the cost of a cabinet makes it much better.  This is simply not true.  we often see cabinets that are extremely well built cost as much as 10x the cost of custom made cabinets.  It all comes down to the value of the sizes, the door and drawer insets, moldings, and paint colors.  Many people want special cabinet doors with custom designs on glass.  These types of ornamental costs begin to sky-rocket in noting flat.

The second consideration is the plan itself.  After the space has been properly measured, a good cabinet CAD expert with years of experience can lay out the kitchen in 3 to 4 hours.  Both 2D (plans in print) and 3D plans should be presented to the client along with countertops, appliances, walls, color, and moldings in place so the client can get a good understanding of what they are purchasing.   Most importantly, the client should have plenty of time to review the 3D camera images from many different directions.  It typically takes about 6 hours or more of drawing time for the average kitchen with several changes.  Very Custom kitchen that are much larger can take nearly 24 hours of work buy the cabinet professional and the clients.  Never be in a rush.   Once the plan has finally been settled upon, it will take about an 2 hours to quote the entire job unless it is a large kitchen.

We offer both remodel or new 2D and 3D basic custom designs for kitchens so that clients can review them online and make all of the changes they like.  We have over 40 years of experience in kitchen cabinetry including several cabinet companies in New England.  Here are just some of the 2D and 3D options we can perform for our clients.  Take a look and see if we can be of some help!  Also you might wish to visit Sally Fretwell Cabinets at the bottom of the this page if you have some time.