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Residential and Commercial Exterior paint colors are very different.  Not because the paint is so different but because working with a homeowner is very different than working with a “Board of Directors, a Homeowners Association or a Color and Design Board or Sub Committee”.  For the purpose of this page, I will separate the two “Residential and Commercial”.  You can also find more under the “Commercial” link on this website.

Almost 6 days a week I am asked to choose colors for our clients.   The “Warmth” of the color and the pastel bases have a great deal to do with the depth of the paint color you place on the wall or ceilings.   Always! Always! make sure you have at least 2 coats of paint on the surface.  And if it is a very dark surface you are painting over, be sure to use a good primer first.  We can recommend special exterior paints for many situations including metal coatings for tall “Hi-Rise” condominiums in our area.  We even make very special 2′ x 3′ painted canvas panels so that people can go to the top of their condominiums and hold them over the railings for the members of the homeowners associations to view.

One of the biggest problems with exterior paints is not the paint, but as always, the preparation.  The average residence has not been painted for nearly 20 years and the chalky residue that build up on the surface must be pressure washed and primed before the first two coats of paint can even be applied.  I could go for hours on preparation and the proper rollers and brushes.

The most important thing to understand is that you cannot just take one color paint to any paint store and use a “digital color matcher” and expect to come out with the color you desire.  The different paint bases, tints, and the ingredients in the bases will never allow you to match a paint unless it is the identical paint and tints from the same manufacturer.

We can at least help you with your colors, shades, hues, and the correct depth of color you are trying to achieve.  We can titrate a paint color to get exactly what you are looking for (we mostly likely already have it) and then correct the formula for gallons of paint.  Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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