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Bring Life to the living!  Every space influences how we feel in that space.  We can help rejuvenate, recharge, and psychologically support the occupants. If you perceive your work force to be “under performing” and cannot understand why or if you are creating a new space and desire optimum performance, let Color and Decor work with you to show you how color, space and lighting can be major contributors to worker productivity. Matched with Sally’s insights on colors and personalities, her ability to produce healthy interiors that maximize the purpose of the space is a winning combination.

Almost 6 days a week I am asked to choose colors for our clients.   The “Warmth” of the color and the pastel bases have a great deal to do with the depth of the paint color you place on the wall or ceilings.   We can recommend special exterior paints for many situations including metal coatings for tall “Hi-Rise” condominiums in our area.  We even make very special 2′ x 3′ painted canvas panels so that people can go to the top of their condominiums and hold them over the railings for the members of the homeowners associations to view.

The most important thing to understand is that you cannot just take one color paint to any paint store and use a “digital color matcher” and expect to come out with the color you desire.  The different paint bases, tints, and the ingredients in the bases will never allow you to match a paint unless it is the identical paint and tints from the same manufacturer.

We can at least help you with your colors, shades, hues, and the correct depth of color you are trying to achieve.  We can titrate a paint color to get exactly what you are looking for (we mostly likely have already have it) and then correct the formula for gallons of paint.  Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

Much of our Commercial work includes:

Home Owners Associations

Builders, Re-modelers, Commercial Painters

Track Home Development

Investment Offices, School Boards, Business groups

Doctors and Therapists Offices, Waiting Rooms

Restaurants, Builders’ Projects

Psychology Clinics, Spa and Healing Areas

Acupuncture Clinics


University Dormitories

Law Firms, Home Offices

School and environments for Children with Special Needs

Creative Balance in Hospital and Doctor’s offices and Waiting Rooms

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